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What is the Bizav project?

An intellectual, cultural, and political movement

Call to everyone – Bizav


In order to work to save the Kurdish people in Syria as part of the Syrian people and to save its existence and safety and in order to cut the way in front of plans plotting inside and out, and the near and distant from among despotic regime and Kurdish adventurer groups as well as careless failed groups in order to shift the Kurds and their movement into a scapegoat in service of the interests of others and ignite racist dispute between the Kurds and the Arabs and for the completion of the unification of the Kurdish national grade, we appeal our Syrian Arab partners and other components by their various national forces and movements and all parties of the Kurdistani movement by its all spectrums and especially the leadership of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and all regional and international parties concerned with the Syrian file to provide all forms of fraternal aid and support and support for the success of our rescuer project in emergence of a preparatory committee preparing for a general meeting in the name of national – patriot conference of Syrian Kurds to review the previous stage and redraw the program and plans of the Kurdish movement and consolidation of the internal row on the frontal foundations to obtain benefits and promoting Arab-Kurdish relations within the framework of the struggle of the Syrian people.

It is not the function of this conference as we see the dismantling of the current Kurdish councils and parties and organizations which can make positive contribution and participation by a third in which to have the other two-thirds share of independents and youth movements, and civil society organizations, also this conference do not aim at fighting with any armed Kurdish party, but it needs the support of all truthful nationalists who truly care about the fate of the people and the country in all locations and it will work on organizing benevolent scattered energies and strengthen the position of leadership for the young and rebuilding and the drafting of the Kurdish national political program and returning Syrian Kurds to their normal position in the positive participation to build the new Syria and active participation in the process of democratic change and get ready to win the legitimate right of self-determination within the borders of the one and unified homeland under the desired democratic system and in the framework of national consensus and national consensus and coexistence.

Such a step towards the revision and re-construction and positioning required urgently by the current Kurdish Syrian situation and in line with the developments of the exceptional circumstances in our country and the rapid changes at the regional and international levels regarding the Syrian file and the Kurdish issue and any progress in the consolidation of the construction and the unity of the Syrian Kurdish National Movement would strengthen the struggle of the Syrian people and the its patriotic and revolutionary forces in order to rebuild the new plural participatory Syria and achieving democratic change and in another side hardening the front of defenders of the achievements of the people of the Kurdistan region of Iraq which are exposed to various challenges and cut the way in front of the plans of terminating the Kurdish liberation movement in the region or attempts to use it in the regional and international conflicts.

Time passes in light of the deteriorating status quo to the detriment of our people and our nation, and that any delay in responding to our appeal for support to tackle the crisis will exacerbate the causes of complete collapse and compounding its negative interactions that will affect the entire crucial national and patriotic issues.

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